Verse Of The Day

Brandon Lake

Count Em


Great station to listen to.

James Rhynard

Derby, KS

Love the people and love the music.

Jade Lea Marie Grundy

Derby, KS

Finally – a Christian Radio station that isn’t playing the same 4 songs on repeat all day! Alive 105 has a great mix of the new and the nostalgic. I also really like their Christian Jazz feature on weekends. It’s a unique find on the dial, and jazz is already hard to find anyhow!

Mark & Chelsea Bradshaw

Derby, KS

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ALIVE 105 is a Christian community radio station designed to entertain, educate the community of local events, and play uplifting music 24/7!

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Derby Community Radio Inc © 2024. All rights reserved.

Derby Community Radio Inc © 2024. All rights reserved.