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Carla Lawless x NewSpring Kansas Worship

Reflections of Christmas


Great station to listen to.

James Rhynard

Derby, KS

Love the people and love the music.

Jade Lea Marie Grundy

Derby, KS

Finally – a Christian Radio station that isn’t playing the same 4 songs on repeat all day! Alive 105 has a great mix of the new and the nostalgic. I also really like their Christian Jazz feature on weekends. It’s a unique find on the dial, and jazz is already hard to find anyhow!

Mark & Chelsea Bradshaw

Derby, KS

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ALIVE 105 is a Christian community radio station designed to entertain, educate the community of local events, and play uplifting music 24/7!

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Derby Community Radio Inc © 2024. All rights reserved.

Derby Community Radio Inc © 2024. All rights reserved.